Grocery store flowers vs local flower shop

I don’t know how many times I have heard customers say how long the flowers purchased from my shop lasted as opposed to the flowers they buy at the grocery store or other discount store. Flower shops are in the flower business and we specialize in fresh flowers. Any florist worth their weight in roses will tell you that flowers are not created equal and must have individualized care.

We purchase all of our blooms from local wholesalers (Greenleaf and DWF). They are hand picked by me to ensure my customers get the freshest, damage free with no signs of mold on the flowers. It is what they expect and what I feel they deserve.

So here it is, Grocery store flowers vs local flower shop. When your flowers enter our shop, they need to be processed according to the variety of blooms. A real florist knows, that stems need to be cut so they can drink and not just any tap water but must be placed in conditioned water. Some need to go into the cooler right away while others need to sit at room temperature for a day to ensure they begin to bloom. Buckets have to be cleaned after each use. This insures that any bacteria that is starting to form is killed on the spot and not spread to a new bunch. All of this must be done before designing the arrangement for delivery or display.

Grocery store clerks have a bad habit of dumping water from one bucket to the other when rotating inventory or consolidating displayed bunches. This behavior spreads bacteria which dramatically shortens your flower’s life. Did you notice in the grocery store, that the cellophane is still holding the bunch together? When was the last time you bought flowers from a flower shop that the original packing was still in place?

Another thing to think about is where is your flower money is going?  If you purchase from a local flower shop that money stays right here, in your community and is not going to the grocery store or discount chain where their corporate office is in another state.